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History of the San Diego Botanic Garden Logo

Below is my logo design for the renamed San Diego Botanic Garden. My job was to design a new logo for Quail Botanical Gardens that would transition to the renamed garden, using the tree from the old logo. 

The logo also had to be part of a new look for everything, website, visitor guide, signage, and anything else that would need to be updated. It also included redrawing the garden's map. Exciting after months of planning to now see it all taking form.

I continue to be the creative art director as a freelancer, managing complete projects including the website, Quail Tracks, advertising, photography, signage, and anything else needed.

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SDBG Photo Gallery

Rachel Cobb
Original Logo

Rachel Cobb
This was the new logo for the old name.

Rachel Cobb
This is the new logo for the new name being used to transition from one to the other. Used mainly on the signage and mass media items.

Rachel Cobb

After some time and everyone adjusting to the name change they now use the new name logo. There are a couple of variations of the logo for different situations.

In October 2021 SDBG changed their logo. I did not design it. I am forever proud of the history of my photography and designs for SDBG.