What's New!
I keep busy, on the road to the west coast or on the east coast there are always photos to take.

From Cairo to Giza to Aswan and Luxor, what a amazing journey. The people were so wonderful. Long days of course. I would go again. Full gallery in the works..

A short trip, just a few days. The most impressive was Petra and Wadi Rum. This was not as easy to move around on your own. Glad I saw a little piece of it.

My New Jersey
I live in southern New Jersey. Very rural and many preserved areas makes nature photography a dream. Enjoy the views.

I travel to Souther California often. Many of my regular clients are in San Diego area. I love it. If I was not 3rd generation on a small farm I would move in that direction.

National Parks
I am a huge supporter of our National Parks. Love them and we need to be better at protecting them. Can't imagine these places not being here.

This and That
Fun photos and just things I like. A little bit of this and that.

Around the World
A collection of images from over the years from places that are not home!